Believe it or not I have actually had this half written for ages and I finally finished it tonight.

(Sorry if there’s any typos).

- Billi x

M83 - Wait

I had a bit time today, because I was driving to my grandparent’s place. So I thought that I would write something to you guys. It was really hard and took me so much time but I hope you like it anyway. :)

Have a nice summer! Love you all!

- Laura x

I MET MY PRINCE! Prince Harry visited Estonia today and I met him, finally. 

He came up to me and said “Hello, darling!” I shook his hand and said “Hi!” He asked what my name was. I told him my name and he asked “How are you, Laura?” I said that I’m fine and asked how he was. He said he’s fine, too. Then he said “You have gorgeous hair!” And he smiled. Like, he really smiled and then moved on. You have no idea what I’m feeling right now. My life is complete.

I know I’m not writing stories anymore and this blog isn’t active, but I want to tell you this - NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING! NEVER STOP WISHING! NEVER STOP FIGHTING! NEVER GIVE UP. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Mine did and yours will too. 

I love you! <3

- Laura x

Anonymous asked: Laura, my love i totally understand why you don't need us!!But we do!!!A lot!!!I'm not talking about that fucking story, i'm talking about you, your incredible personality,i know i don't know you but i can feel you, (i mean i can understand you from your writing)!!!We really have missed you that's all!!I understand that you are so busy,and you are studying, focus to that BUT DON'T GIVE UP ON US!!!WE NEED YOU, MY SYNSHINE <3 !!

And this is why I still have some hope in people, you my friend are an amazing person!

Laura I hope you see this message:) you mean a lot to everyone. And remember we will always support you Laura:)


Anonymous asked: do you guys have kik? :)

I think I am the only one who does, but I’m not going to post it on the blog so if you want it that bad, go off anon and ask or message me on my personal tumblr page(:


Anonymous asked: Hey. I've been reading your imagines for I think is over year now. (Thanks to google I was able to read them) In that year I got an iPhone and finally today I got the courage to get a tumblr and the first thing I thought was about this blog and I got really excited. So I'm just saying I've known you guys for a long time now (and I know you won't read this). I've been here for thick and thin. You guys also helped me with REALLY hard times and I just want to say thank you. I love you.

Hey, we do read your messages.
Messages like these are what makes us happy at what we’ve done, it shows us how much some of our stories and how we have helped so many people.

We get a lot of hate because we don’t update as much and when we do some aren’t happy, but we aren’t perfect guys, we can’t stop our paths to our future because of the imagines. We do try our best but education is most important, we would prefer people to be understandable of that instead of anonymously sending hateful messages to us, it’s horrible and we don’t need that extra stress.
Most of you are amazing and supportive but the anonymous people who send us hate- your just horrible and you don’t understand how much your words hurt us.. You also don’t realise that the hate is a form of bullying- cyber bullying and that is a crime- none should be sent hate by people they don’t know.
We have put a lot of time into writing for you guys but you need to give us some time because we want to succeed in our own lives and get the grades we want.

We need you to understand that and for you all to be patient with us.
We are trying our best.

I’m disappointed in the amount of hurtful words that are sent to our ask, you are meant fans of One Direction. If the boys saw how much hate we get, they would be appalled with you!

Think before you say, because words hurt and you should all be more respectful of others.


Anonymous asked: I think that when someone sends those messages/asks about not updating this tumblr, you guys should purposely delay updating it - it's pretty unfair to complain about if you haven't tried yourself to do this. I have and I can tell you - it is hard. It really is.

Things are often very different when you’re in the situation yourself. Some (a small minority I would say) forget that we’re all normal girls with ordinary things to do everyday. Writing is something we chose to do and share it with you for fun, in hope that you might enjoy it.

Thank you for being so understanding anon, I wish everyone was like you are.
Also to the other lovely anon’s, thank you for being so respectful and kind too.

- Billi x

Anonymous asked: Hii. is 'How did we end up here' going to have part 5?

I did start part five and I hope to finish it but honestly I’m not too sure currently, I’ll try.

- Billi x

Anonymous asked: You should think before starting a blog. I understand you have exams but if you really don't have time to post anything, delete the fucking blog. Or give it to someone who can post and who gives a fuck.

You should think before you speak. I understand that you’re not happy, but please stop being a complete and utter asshole. If you want us to delete the blog, just ignore the blog. Unfollow us. Forget about us, but for fucksake don’t drop any hate. We’re sorry that we’re focusing all our time on our education, future careers and our social lives. 
If you think “Who gives a fuck” when it comes to this blog, WHICH we’ve spent plenty of time in the past working our asses off and staying up all night to create stories in our spare time JUST to please you guys, then why the hell are you being so bitchy and harsh to us.
If you’re that bothered why don’t you start a blog and write all new stories for us, then come back to us and be as bitchy as you are right now.
Honestly, who gives a fuck…what you think, if you’re going to be like that.

Sorry for having a life.

- Yours truly x